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We provide comprehensive Loan Loss Reserve assessments under the current regulatory guidance including methodology and qualitative factors and prepare the bank for CECL including our regulator-approved model development, data integrity, and warehousing evaluations.

Asset/Liability Mgmt

A robust Asset Management system should address liquidity and capital risk. It provides the structure and funding for daily operation, stress scenarios, and contingency funding plans. We will identify risks to capital and provide innovative solutions to protect and improve your profitability.

Credit Risk

It’s fair to say that credit risk is more than underwriting. Competitive market pressures are easing underwriting standards, and increasing the risk. We assess the loan portfolios of the Bank and develop processes and procedures that match your risk appetite and limit exposure.

Interest Rate Risk

Spikes in interest rates are weakening the earnings of loan and investment portfolios. Banks are also at risk to lose deposits to competitors when they are most needed. We assist with strategies to manage interest rate risk and provide solutions to protect the bank’s Capital and Liquidity.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Merger and acquisition activity are complex procedures. There is no substitute for expertise when navigating and developing a winning strategy while protecting a bank’s reputation. We pinpoint targets that align with your goals and guide you for a smooth transition.

Strategic Risk & Planning

Whether its short-term achievements or multi-year objectives, having a plan that aligns with the desired destination means that each of the steps needed is identified and ready to follow. We develop a roadmap and change the conversation to balance risk and opportunity.

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