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Mergers & Acquisitions

Bank Strategic Solutions is here to assist you in all aspects of a merger or acquisition. We can identify target markets, banks, and locations that align with your strategic objectives and goals. Our advisory practices include strategic advice, capital planning, culture evaluation and due diligence prior to submitting an offer. We continue to assist from the initial offer through closing and other transition activities like implementation. Our goal is to provide your Board members and Management team with the insight and tools they need to successfully navigate all aspects of an acquisition or merger.

We also provide services for bankers considering a sale of their organization. We understand the challenges of selling a community bank and can identify the strengths of the organization, as well as, evaluate value including capital and other resources.

From initial interest through implementation, we are here for you. Our team provides consultation to institutions looking to positively navigate a merger or acquisition. Areas where we can provide expertise include:

  • Evaluation of potential acquisition targets
  • Assistance in due diligence activities
  • Assistance in negotiations and closing of the sale
  • Assessment of financial synergies and infrastructure.

By utilizing Bank Strategic Solutions expert merger and acquisition services, you are optimizing the overall value and control without missing an opportunity to make improvements and increase strategic planning efforts.

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